Distinguished Service Award

Do you know an awesome parking professional? Have they impacted their organization? Then you should nominate them for the 2019 Distinguished Service Award which recognizes parking professionals who have contributed to the education, professional development, creative solutions, and standards of customer service in the parking and transportation industry.  Read about our past winners here.

Your nomination must include the name of the nominee, their title and organization. Also include your name, title and organization and please do not exceed 800 words.

Criteria for selecting the Distinguished Service Award recipient include:
1. Professional reputation
2. Contribution to the parking industry/organization
3. Creative solutions and innovations (include outcomes)
4. Public Relations and Customer Service
5. Peer Interaction

Please include items that will address the criteria in your nomination statement. 
Deadline for submissions are forthcoming.

Annual Awards

The Texas Parking & Transportation Association is pleased to announce our 6th Annual Awards Competition. The competition recognizes outstanding parking-related projects. The competition seeks to promote an appreciation of excellence in parking design, equipment, operations, and construction among the industry and the general public.  Read about past winners here.


Projects submitted must have been completed between November 1, 2017 and January 31, 2019. Either the project or organization submitting the project must be located in Texas. You are invited to submit nominations in the following categories: *

  1. Parking Structure - New

  2. Parking Structure - Restoration

  3. Parking Program

  4. Parking Technology and Equipment

  5. Parking Employee

*Note: At the discretion of the judges, some categories may be combined or omitted. 


Members in an effort to share our success and spread Texas throughout the parking industry we have partnered with the Pennsylvania Board of Directors who will serve as judges. The judges are parking professionals in the fields of architecture, engineering, construction, and operation. Projects will be judged based on outstanding conception, originality, and application in design, operation, management, and construction. 

To enter, please provide the information requested in the Awards Pre-qualification Information (see below). 


Entries recommended for consideration should be submitted in the format of the Awards Pre-qualification Information (see below) with suitable photographs and descriptive data. Please note that photographs, details, or sketches demonstrating the unique use of parking innovations in design, operation, equipment, and construction will be taken into account by the judges. The submitted material must indicate the award category, as well as the outstanding features that merit judging.

All submissions must be received no later than January 31, 2019. Incomplete or late submissions will not be considered and will be returned.

Details for submissions is forthcoming - bookmark this page and check back!

To allow all members the opportunity to submit and be recognized for notable projects, there is no fee for the awards program. The program is generously supported by our sponsors.


Grand Prize Winners and Finalists will be honored at the TPTA annual conference to be held April 22-25, 2019.

  1. Award Category: Label the project entry in one of the following categories for judging against similar projects.

    1. Parking Structure – New

    2. Parking Structure – Restoration

    3. Parking Program

    4. Parking Equipment and Technology

    5. Parking Employee

    6. Name of Facility or Project

    7. Project Location - City/Town, County, State

    8. Project Team: Provide name, address, phone, and email for the following contacts, if applicable:

  2. Include up to a 100 word executive summary to introduce the project that may also be used for announcements.

  3. Include a brief written description (1500 words or less) of the project citing the outstanding features that merit recognition.

  4. Provide a minimum of four 4 x 5 color images that depict the project or program.