TPTA Annual awards competition

In 2014, the TPTA Board of Directors developed an Annual Awards Competition to recognize outstanding parking-related projects. The competition seeks to promote an appreciation of excellence in parking design, equipment, operations, and construction among the industry and the general public.

In an effort to share our success and spread Texas throughout the parking industry we  partnered with the Pennsylvania Board of Directors who served as judges. The judges are parking professionals in the fields of architecture, engineering, construction, and operation. Projects are judged based on outstanding conception, originality, and application in design, operation, management, and construction.


2017 annual awards winners

Parking Structure – New

TCU Worth Hills Parking Garage
Walker Parking Consultants 

The 6-level 1,200 space parking structure is located across the street from TCU’s
Amon G. Carter Football Stadium in Fort Worth, Texas.  This facility was built over
an active creek requiring an innovative design and construction approach, 
which was inspired by the construction of Hoover Dam.  Two diversion channels
were built around the building pad to allow construction to commence.  The
federal approval process for building this garage was a feat on its own.  TCU
utilized land that was never anticipated in the masterplan; a game changer for
the future of the entire campus planning approach.

Parking Structure – Restoration

Hilton Houston Post Oak Parking Structure
Walker Parking Restoration 

The Hilton Houston Post Oak Parking Structure, located at 2001 Post Oak Boulevard in Houston, 
Texas, is a 3-level, 300 space parking structure.  After performing a cursory walk-through, 
Walker determined that while most of the garage was in generally fair condition, there were
several locations in poor condition.  Walker performed additional field observations of the
structure, followed by design and construction documents and construction phase services.

Parking Program

The University of Houston 

COAST, a new alternative transportation incentive program developed by the University of
Houston’s Parking and Transportation Services department is revolutionizing the way
people commute. Launched in June 2016, COAST offers incentives to individuals opting to
carpool or use public transportation instead of purchasing a traditional campus parking
Given the land-locked university’s space constraints, COAST is a cost-effective and realistic
way to counter the rising parking demands of the ever-growing campus community. To
date, COAST has offset the need for 1,225 parking spaces by recruiting 1,960 members, a
number that is more than double the group’s first-year participation goal.

Parking Equipment & Technology

311 Integration
Park Houston 

The 311 automated process includes a custom T2 Import task from Lagan and an export task. The COH 311 division created an automated system to place the Lagan file on the T2 sFTP site. The T2 Custom Import Task will pick up this file and a work order is created for the meter in question in T2 Flex. Once the work order has a status of “complete”, the 311 Export Task Interface will export completed work order information to the Lagan system.  In addition, the integration also allows for the elimination of duplicated service requests that are received on the same day.
The tasks are scheduled for four times per day which now allows us to respond to service requests the in real time, the same day. 

Parking Employee

Norman Holt

Norman joined ParkHouston in June of 2005 as a Compliance Officer, and over the last 10 years, he has looked for ways to grow professionally as well as personally. Norman has experienced the full breadth of operations in ParkHouston as he has worked in Customer Service, Meter Operations and Compliance in various roles all resulting from promotions (four in ParkHouston to be precise). During this time, Norman was also pursuing his bachelor’s degree in addition to his responsibilities as a husband and father. He has managed his staff, obtained his bachelor’s, maintained and updated programming for the pay stations, ensured collections for routes were completed, and was a family man all at the same time. Yet, one never got the impression that his plate was too full. He always remains cheerful and always gets it done when it counts

2016 Annual Awards Winners

Thank you to our judges: Ray Massing – Erie Park; Sharon Field – Lehigh University; Matt Lohenitz – Easton Police Department; John Dolansky – Signature Control Systems

Chesapeake Parking Garage - Walker Parking Consultants

Chesapeake Parking Garage - Walker Parking Consultants

Chesapeake Energy Corporation is the second-largest producer of natural gas and the 14th largest producer of oil and
natural gas liquids in the United States.

Car Park Four supplies 1,551 spaces on seven levels.

The design process for this project took many factors into consideration, such as site topography. The south side of the
garage contains one level below grade with an entry/exit on Level 1, while the north side of the garage is two levels
below grade with an entry/exit on Level 2. Another thought-out element was the incorporation of areaways around the
perimeter of the below grade levels. This concept allowed for an open parking garage design and eliminated the need
for mechanical ventilation and sprinkling. Natural wayfinding is always important for both pedestrians and drivers.
On this project, the exterior façade simulates the façade of the adjacent building to which the garage supports. This
provides a visual connection for the users. Circulating vehicles travel past the final pedestrian destination so that the
pedestrian visually understands where they are going. The garage incorporates a campus-wide color scheme for each of
the levels. The color scheme complements the signage for ease in remembering where they parked.

Civic Centre & Tranquility Underground Parking Garages - Walker Restoration Consultants

Civic Centre & Tranquility Underground Parking Garages - Walker Restoration Consultants











Lauren Nelson - WinPark

Lauren Nelson is Winpark’s Senior Parking Operations Manager responsible for overseeing multiple facilities including the Williams Tower Garage in Houston, parking administration for Chase Bank in Austin, valet operations for Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Woodlands and valet operations at Houston Orthopedic Surgical Hospital. Lauren joined Winpark in May 2013 with Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management and eight years of management experience. Her responsibilities include overseeing day-to-day operations for a team of 17, implementation of new operations procedures, tenant amenities and relations as well as billing and accounting for thousands of parkers.

Reginald Randolph - Theater District Parking Team

Reginald Randolph is a native Houstonian and graduate of Sam Houston State University. Reginald has provided service to the Houston First Corporation and its predecessor,the City of Houston’s Convention and Entertainment Facilities Department since 1990. Reginald is currently the General Manager of the Theater District Parking Facility and provides service to all contractors serving the facility on a day to day basis in addition to working with the City of Houston’s Parking Management Division. Reginald is known for his hands on approach to managing the facility and meets and speaks to “everyone”, from seasoned management to first day employees and visitors. He manages the operations of the parking facility through partners Republic Parking System, Andy Frain Security Services, Access Data Control (Cleaning / Maintenance), TDI Industries (Engineers) and ERS (Elevator Repair & Maintenance). Reginald also serves as the liaison to the City of Houston Departments, Arts Groups, Houston First Corporation Departments and Mayor’s Office of Special Events in communicating directions to the facility contractors.  In addition, he provides daily coordination to the City of Houston employee bus fleet operation and which includes special shuttle requests of fifty to one hundred per year. These requests consist of funerals of fallen firefighters and police officers, inauguration of elected officials and general City of Houston Interdepartmental needs. Reginald’s success can be credited to his family and two assistants the past two decades, Betty Elliott and Judy Daigle. This trio has birthed technological improvements and upgrades to the facility from November 2014 to January 2016 and continues to leave a legacy and standard for others to follow.

River Oaks District - Parking Guidance Systems LLC

Based in the heart of Houston’s wealthiest communities, River Oaks District is one of the nation’s most luxurious mixed-use  developments. Located just inside the Houston Loop, River Oaks District is home to 650,000 square feet of customizable space, including: 252,000 square feet of luxury retail, fine-dining restaurants, street-side cafes and entertainment; 92,000 square feet of state-of-the-art, creative office space; and approximately 300 contemporary residential units.

So, what could possibly make the River Oaks District experience better? How about the addition of multi-function, camera-based parking sensors designed to speed up the parking process, improve safety, increase parking garage occupancy, and even help the customer find their car? But perhaps the most valuable feature to the owner is the system’s powerful analytics tool. With the UPSOLUT Sensor, the captured data will significantly improve the owner’s ability to tailor the garage’s parking to better serve the customer’s while maximizing occupancy and profitability. It seems only fitting that River Oaks District would add this to better serve shoppers, workers and employees of this exclusive mixed-use development.

Texas State University - Integrated Transportation System Fiscal Stability

Transportation Services in the Division of Finance and Support Services at Texas State University was born on September 1, 2012. The concept of combining Parking Services and Shuttle Services, which had been under different divisions (Vice President for Student Affairs, and Vice President for Finance and Support Services, respectively), was conceived two years prior. Parking and transportation consultants, realizing that the disconnect between these operations was problematic, suggested their integration. For many years Parking Services attempted to manage parking in a “transportation vacuum”. Parking space availability was then, and still is, more than adequate for students, faculty, staff and visitors alike. Access to campus, especially from perimeter lots, was a significant issue, and combining the two operations was the principle step in improving the functionality and cohesiveness of the entire transportation system. Providing direct-to-campus shuttle routes from [then] highly underutilized lots is one example of how this integrated approach has been successful.

At the time of transition Parking Services was already a well-functioning self-sustaining operation. From its early beginnings in 1993 as “Parking Control”, which was embedded into the University Police Department until the transition, the office had grown from a handful of guards, one cashier and one administrative assistant to more than 40 employees. Including the Round Rock campus Parking Services has 18 parking officers, five cashiers, three administrative assistants, stand-alone sign/paint and grounds/maintenance shops and crews, and a fleet maintenance and repair shop. Except for major construction projects, Parking Services performs every function “parking” related- painting, signing, and oversight of structural maintenance of all lots and garages; litter control and grounds maintenance; and repairs and maintenance of the fleet. But while the functional well-being of Parking Services was excellent, its financial health was beginning to deteriorate.