When did you last invest in yourself? Here's an opportunity...

Throughout my career, I have said, “if you're not willing to invest in yourself, how can you expect someone else to invest in you?” A mentor from one of my management courses said it to me and it stuck. I realized that not only did I need to look for ways to learn and improve myself, I needed to also put the time into making myself marketable and worthy of someone else’s time to basically “invest” in me whether through a job, networking or friendship.

Mary Mabry, CAPP Product Manager/Project Manager-Parking Solutions Cardinal Tracking, Inc.

Mary Mabry, CAPP
Product Manager/Project Manager-Parking Solutions
Cardinal Tracking, Inc.

In parking, we are always faced with investment relationships and what I term as “resolution issues” so having resources is key to survival as we need answers and solutions right here, right now. All of you have resources, it is just knowing where to find them and the Texas Parking and Transportation Association (TPTA) is a great one to have on hand. As a member, you have access to professionals in the University, City, Airport, Hospital and Service side of the business.

TPTA not only offers the networking and educational classes at their annual conference but they also offer quarterly Roundtable and Networking Sessions. The next one will be at Baylor University in Waco, Texas on June 13, 2017, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. This session will feature topics on Social Media with speakers, Kathleen Laney with Laney Solutions and Robert Broward with University of Houston Parking and Transportation Services. So why not take the time to attend because it is a “FREE” session which includes breakfast, lunch and parking.

Why not invest in yourself or your staff and attend the next Roundtable, because you never know if you may have something you can share that allows another professional to invest in themselves.  




Have you recovered? Well, ready or not - it's almost Roundtable time!

The annual conference was a smashing success! Thank you to our vendors, members and sponsors for helping us make this a premier parking event! If you haven't already, check out your pics on the social gallery.

Summer is around the corner and our colleagues at the universities are going to get a minute to catch their breath. We thought TPTA should take advantage of that! We are pleased to announce that Baylor University has agreed to host the June 2017 Roundtable & Networking Event.

The details are online and registration will soon open - so keep an eye out for the email and make sure you land one of the coveted 40 spaces. This is a great opportunity to network with colleagues and learn from industry leaders - FOR FREE! Also, a great chance to check out Baylor University!

Hope to see you in Waco from June 12-13!



So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu!

We've had education, awards, networking, golf, music, food, dancing and even a mechanical bull - but all good things must come to an end. #TPTA2017 was a resounding success - keep posting pics using the hashtag #TPTA2017 so these make it to our gallery. If you have a suggestion for #TPTA2018, send it our way.

We are excited about the upcoming year and planning for #TPTA2018 is already underway. Safe travels home and keep in touch! Get ready to be inspired in Houston at #TPTA2018!




Today we recognized projects, programs and individuals for their contribution to the parking industry.

The TPTA Annual Awards program recognized the following. Without further ado, the 2017 award winners are:

Congratulations to all winners - the nominations will be posted online after the conference.




It's all about YOU!

Hey social media mavens - ya'll are kicking up a twitter storm that we haven't seen before! You can check out the social wall on the app to see what everyone is posting.

We're also feeding your tweets and posts to our website, so check it out! Use the hashtag #TPTA2017 to make sure your posts make it to our gallery.

Keep up the posts and enjoy the conference!



Get ready, set, CONFERENCE!

Hey ya'll - we've kicked off the 30th Annual TPTA Conference & Tradeshow. Golf games have been won and lost and lunch has been served.

Hopefully you are well rested and ready to hit the education sessions. We are very pleased to offer two tracks to our attendees this year. So instead of ten sessions to pick from - you now have 20! Team up with a colleague and you can split them up.

While you are networking - don't forget to play the game in the conference app - you might be a lucky winner! Post pictures to our Facebook page or tweet us at @TEXASPARKING - we want to see you on social media! #TPTA2017

So glad you are able to join us for this event - download the conference app and make sure you get everything you need out of the show. Volunteers are stationed throughout and ready to assist.

Happy conferencing parking nerds!

Board member Jane Wilcox and Communications Committee Member Angie Blocher assist with registration and check in. #TPTA2017

Board member Jane Wilcox and Communications Committee Member Angie Blocher assist with registration and check in. #TPTA2017



What to pack?

To check or not to check - that is the question. Pack light and get off the plane fast or pack everything you think you might need and be forced to check in your suitcase. It's always a struggle.

So, what do you need to bring?! Well, here are a few thoughts about the items that you should consider.

  • Lots of business cards!
  • Are you looking for a solution? Bring questions!
  • Does your organization do something well - can others learn from you? Come prepared to share your ideas. Gear up to submit a presentation for the 2018 Conference.
  • Get ready to network!
  • Review the schedule - any speakers you have questions for? Write it down! Submit questions to them via the app!
  • Bring the app! Have it downloaded on your phone so you can get started on the game - you might be the lucky winner!
  • Bring your appetite - Wednesday night event is catered by Reata - get ready for some excellent dining!

If you're anything like me - you won't need all the shoes. Cut a pair or two! See you in Ft Worth!



Well, did you download the conference app yet?

Here's why you should:

  • Use the conference app to get a jump start on the leaderboard and maybe you'll win the grand prize!
  • Take a look at the attendee list and setup meetings with vendors or colleagues.
  • Post pics and comments to social media and the app social wall.
  • We have 20 sessions for the conference! Use the app to schedule which sessions you want to attend.
  • Complete session surveys asap
  • Check out exhibitors - by name or category.
  • You can call Uber from our app!

So download now!



T minus 4 days - are you ready?

The TPTA host committee is in full gear preparing to welcome all attendees for the 2017 Annual Conference and Tradeshow!

Booths are SOLD OUT! So if you are buyer seeking a product or solution - there will be no shortage of either on the Exhibit Floor. Software, hardware, services, products - vendors will be here to help answer your questions.

If networking is on your list of to-dos - you will not be disappointed. In addition to shop talks for universities, hospitals, municipalities and airports, the host committee is running two tracks for sessions - so you can pick between 20 different presentations.

Finally, the host committee has ensured that you are going to thoroughly enjoy networking over a fine meal catered by Reata at the Will Rogers Arena for the Wednesday Night Event.

So pack your bags, make your lists and get ready to conference next week. We can't wait to see you!





Let's Rodeo

It’s Rodeo time in Houston, Texas, and as thousands of people descend on the NRG complex grounds to partake in the country-western merriment I’m reminded of how important having adequate and efficient parking is.  As a volunteer for the rodeo which raises money to fund college scholarships, I’m fortunate to be given a pass to park on the grounds, but as other volunteers and the general public jam the surrounding streets and fill up the lots, sometimes I can’t even park in the designated areas.  The complex contains over 26,000 parking spaces but sometimes that isn’t even enough to hold us all.    Not being able to find a space to park in often leads to frustration and puts an initial damper on parkers’ moods.  Luckily, there are alternate options that can save the day, parking is available at one of several facilities conveniently located on or near the Metrorail line and take the train all the way to the stadium, hassle-free!  With so many people convening into one place at the same time, communication is key regarding knowing what alternatives there are instead of braving the congestion at the NRG complex.  Not only is this more convenient for the parkers, but it’s also an opportunity for parking operators to generate income…a win-win for both sides!    But no matter how one chooses to get to the fun, don’t pass up the chance to put on some cowboy boots, check out some animals, listen to some great bands, and enjoy the show.  Let’s Rodeo!

Evelyn Alonso
Corporate Director of Administration



2017 Conference App!

We’re ready for an amazing experience at 2017 Annual Conference & Tradeshow! Are you? Get started by downloading our event app to your iPhone, iPad, or Android at

Gamers - put your game face on!  

We have an app for the conference and because we have to have some fun and games – we encourage all attendees to come prepared to win!

Participants use their own mobile device running either iOS or Android to participate in the TPTA Mobile App Game.  You need to download the app at the Google Play Store or iTunes store and you must be a 2017 registered attendee to play and WIN.

We want to encourage engagement and conference participation but we also have some rules that need to be followed, so play nice! Check in at sessions, provide feedback, tweet about the conference and see your points rack up on the leaderboard. The first 4 leaders to collect the maximum points will get prizes!
• Grand Prize: $100 gift card and 2018 TPTA membership
• First Place:  $75 gift card and 2018 TPTA membership
• Second Place:  $50 Amazon Gift Card
• Third Place:  $25 Amazon Gift Card

The rules are pretty simple – read all about them here!

The TPTA Board of Directors are ineligible, and therefore excluded from winning any prizes associate with the TPTA Mobile App Game. 

Good luck gamers!