Mail once was a magical thing. I had international pen pals and my bestie and I used to routinely send letters to each other arguing the merits of Prince versus Michael Jackson (I was all about Prince). Over time, mail has devolved to uncountable credit card offers, store flyers, election pieces (October was BRUTAL!) and tree-destroying junk mail.

It's just not magical anymore.

Until today! I received my TPTA 2017 Conference Save the Date! I hope you received it too! If you did not, please make sure you are on our mailing list. When you opt-out - we cannot contact you. And we want to make sure you are kept in the loop.

My calendar is marked for Ft Worth, April 3-6, 2017. We will soon be launching the Conference website where you can register and decide on sponsorship opportunities.

Remember you must be a member in good standing to register for the conference. So while you wait for the Conference website launch - ensure you are a registered member today!

Special thanks to Toledo Ticket for sponsoring the 2017 Save the Date! Looking forward to seeing you all in Ft Worth!