It’s Rodeo time in Houston, Texas, and as thousands of people descend on the NRG complex grounds to partake in the country-western merriment I’m reminded of how important having adequate and efficient parking is.  As a volunteer for the rodeo which raises money to fund college scholarships, I’m fortunate to be given a pass to park on the grounds, but as other volunteers and the general public jam the surrounding streets and fill up the lots, sometimes I can’t even park in the designated areas.  The complex contains over 26,000 parking spaces but sometimes that isn’t even enough to hold us all.    Not being able to find a space to park in often leads to frustration and puts an initial damper on parkers’ moods.  Luckily, there are alternate options that can save the day, parking is available at one of several facilities conveniently located on or near the Metrorail line and take the train all the way to the stadium, hassle-free!  With so many people convening into one place at the same time, communication is key regarding knowing what alternatives there are instead of braving the congestion at the NRG complex.  Not only is this more convenient for the parkers, but it’s also an opportunity for parking operators to generate income…a win-win for both sides!    But no matter how one chooses to get to the fun, don’t pass up the chance to put on some cowboy boots, check out some animals, listen to some great bands, and enjoy the show.  Let’s Rodeo!

Evelyn Alonso
Corporate Director of Administration