To check or not to check - that is the question. Pack light and get off the plane fast or pack everything you think you might need and be forced to check in your suitcase. It's always a struggle.

So, what do you need to bring?! Well, here are a few thoughts about the items that you should consider.

  • Lots of business cards!
  • Are you looking for a solution? Bring questions!
  • Does your organization do something well - can others learn from you? Come prepared to share your ideas. Gear up to submit a presentation for the 2018 Conference.
  • Get ready to network!
  • Review the schedule - any speakers you have questions for? Write it down! Submit questions to them via the app!
  • Bring the app! Have it downloaded on your phone so you can get started on the game - you might be the lucky winner!
  • Bring your appetite - Wednesday night event is catered by Reata - get ready for some excellent dining!

If you're anything like me - you won't need all the shoes. Cut a pair or two! See you in Ft Worth!