Social media allows us to put information at the fingertips of people worldwide. Whether you are an avid Facebook user or strictly Twitter, parking peeps have some type of parking information come across our feed at some point or another. While my facebook is a shrine to my kids, I can assure you that I am guilty of sharing any parking information hot off the press via social media. #sharetheparkinglove

Join us as at TPTA’s June Roundtable in Waco to learn the do’s and don’ts of effective social media tactics and how it can also increase engagement with your community. TPTA welcomes Kathleen Laney, President and Founder of Laney Solutions - she will discuss how social media can drive more business for your organization. Bob Browand, Director of Parking and Transportation Services at the University of Houston, will also be joining us and sharing UH’s success in engaging the student community using social media and Youtube.

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