You missed a great roundtable, but fear not - we have some takeaways from attendees to share! How do you use social media and do you think about how to actively engage your followers? Information is great, but engagement is just as important. 

Social media is a vital tool for parking/transportation professionals and we should have clear strategies for its use as it relates to our organizations and our own personal branding. 

Tad Fifer, Transportation Services, Texas A&M, said "You need to vary content and tailor the content to your audience and the platform. It doesn't necessarily need to be informational, but it needs to be engaging."

"You need to have a media strategy," said Michael Civitelli of NuPark. Michael Uldrich of McCarthy appreciated the 30-60-10 rule discussed by Kathleen Laney - 30% of your content should be curated, 60% is informational and 10% is self-promotion. This mix of content both engages and informs followers.

Many of the attendees including Jaime Snyder of Walker Parking, Paul Stresow of the City of El Paso and Bill Donavan of MD Anderson Cancer Center felt that personal branding in social media only adds to your organization.

If you missed the Summer Roundtable - get ready to join us in October for the Fall Roundtable in San Antonio! Stay tuned for details...