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The next feature in our TPTA Member Profile blog series is Matt Penney! Matt Penney serves as Director of Parking & Transportation Services for Baylor University. Learn more about Matt’s experience as a TPTA member below!

How long has your organization been a member of TPTA?

I have been at Baylor Almost 9 years and the relationship was good and in place prior to my arrival.

How did you learn about TPTA?

Baylor’s software representative at the time was getting a heavy dose of questions and could see I needed help.  She recommended the TPTA conference as a ‘must go to’ event/organization.

What value has your TPTA membership provided you for your career?

I remember meeting Dr. Bob Harkins from the University of Texas at my first TPTA event.  He was a deserving legend within the TPTA group and beyond.  I was new to parking and he spent time with me and told me ‘if there was anything he could do for me to just let him know’.  I met Peter Lange from Texas A&M University who managed the largest university parking operation in the world.  He invited me to visit his operation and wore a green and gold tie when I took him up on the offer. 

There was an immediate theme that kept reoccurring as I bounced around introducing myself at my first conference, People were open and welcoming.  I gathered numerous business cards and eventually made several trips to nearby campus parking operations.  I can unashamedly say I ‘borrowed’ ideas from outstanding parking operators across the state. 

What value has your TPTA membership provided your institution?

TPTA kick started my introduction into the parking world.  Introductions and networking with other professionals in a relaxed setting was ideal for getting to know leaders across the state.

What would be your advice to those organizations who are not yet a TPTA member?

The hospitality of Texas is already famous, even the parking ‘folks’ know how to make someone feel at home.  The challenges of the Great State are unique as well.  TPTA brings the best people and ideas across the state together and everyone benefits.