We’re excited to announce the creation of a new look for TPTA, highlighting the extension of our brand. Check out the new TPTA logo, developed with the goal of representing the TPTA as we continue to be a leader in the parking, transportation, and mobility industry into the future.

In addition to offering an updated, modern look, our new logo highlights our association’s focus moving forward with the tagline: “parking. mobility. connected”. This simple line, outlines our extensive mission:

  • Parking – TPTA always has, and will continue, to be a leader in providing the latest updates, solutions, and education on the parking industry throughout Texas and beyond. The parking industry is changing rapidly, but will play a critical role in the future of transportation, development, technology, and more.

  • Mobility – As the parking and transportation industry transforms, it is growing to encompass a wide range of mobility technologies, solutions, and approaches. The TPTA recognizes the importance that mobility will continue to play in our industry. We also understand our responsibility to bring our members the latest updates on this important extension of our industry, so that they can effectively implement these concepts into their operations.

  • Connected – Staying “connected” has a number of meanings, each of which are vital to the success of our industry and the TPTA. First, our industry must provide the resources to keep people connected as they move from place to place through the numerous combinations of parking, transportation, and mobility solutions. Further, TPTA understands our role in keeping industry professionals from throughout Texas and beyond connected, serving as a platform for thought leadership, as well as the exchanging of ideas, best practices, and lessons learned. Staying “connected” is vital.

Be on the lookout for the new TPTA logo! We are thrilled for the opportunity to continue to be a resource for the industry, and to continue to provide our members and industry professionals with news, events, and educational and professional development opportunities to enhance your organizations, as well as expand your careers.