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Happy New Year! Is this the year your organization will install new technology? Or will you collaborate with transportation partners to reduce SOV? Maybe you are working with local artists to dress up a garage? What cool projects does 2017 have in store for you?

Tell us about it! Write about it for the blog or in a series of posts. Your colleagues will benefit from your lessons learned - not to mention that successful projects are always fun to talk about!

In case you missed it - it's time to renew your membership. We'll be announcing the winner of the membership renewal contest for those who renewed before Dec 31, 2016. If you still need to renew - fear not, you can still take advantage of the new member referral program. Refer a new member and if they join, you will receive a $50 discount on your conference registration. Good deal!!

The Spring Roundtable will be held In late February 2017. Stay tuned for details!

Here is to a prosperous and awesome 2017 for you all!



Read All About It

While I'm pretty proficient at Facebook (please like us!) and Twitter (please follow us!) - this is going to be my first foray into blogging. So bear with me.

In this high-tech world - information is fast and furious. While our newsletter was a solid soldier and provided plenty of good reading material - we want to communicate with you more frequently.

Send us your accomplishments and your organization's success stories so that we can post and share with our membership. Your stories can help a colleague address an issue or spark an idea in another organization.

And, if you are interested in contributing as a blogger - we welcome you. Like. Seriously.

Because you have to have a sense of humor to work in this industry - I leave you with a parking pic. Imagine how many spaces we could put in a lot if everyone drove a tiny car! I wonder if drivers of tiny cars are also interested in tiny homes. Those FASCINATE me. But enough about me! We want to hear from you, so send us those stories,

Happy parking, my friends!

Maria Irshad, MPA, CAPP