We welcome our members participation in the standing committees.  Please complete the form at the bottom of the page if you are interested in serving on one of our committees.  

Membership committee 

The Membership Committee is responsible for reaching out to potential members, as well as those whose membership has expired, to grow the Association's numbers and presence. The committee will work to introduce prospective members to the Association through marketing, social networking and educational programs. 

Co-Chairs:  Maria Irshad, Michelle Morris and Jane Wilcox

Committee Members:  Nicole Chinea, Melonie Curry, and Mary Mabry.  

CONSTITUTION & Bylaws committee

Co-Chairs:  Dean Ahmad and Peter Lange

Conference / Host committee

Chair: Nicole Chinea


finance Committee

Chair:  Nichole Chinea

roundtable / education committee

Co-Chairs:  Mary Mabry, CAPP; Dennis Delaney, CAPP; Paul Stresow; and Nicole Chinea, CAPP

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