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The Texas Parking Association offers two levels of membership. They include:

Regular........$150 [Voting privileges] (Representatives of municipalities or other government bodies or parking authorities, transportation authorities, boards, bureaus, commissions or departments, also including universities, colleges, airports, hospitals, stadiums and auditoriums, or other institutions having similar responsibility for the establishment, operation, maintenance, control or direction of public parking..)

Associate........$150 [No voting privileges]
(Representatives of the Regular and Associate members or any other individual, corporation or Association that the Board may elect.)

NOTE:  EVERYONE must go through the process to Join or Renew your membership for 2014 to get member access in the new system. If memberships are not renewed, access to conference registration and membership directories will be denied until membership registration is completed. 

You are invited to renew or purchase your 2014 TPTA membership online at http://www.cvent.com/d/Ut4o61JPoEiCU7G2mX50Hw/4804/P1/4W?.  All memberships are valid through December 31st of each calendar year and a current membership is required to attend the Annual Conference and Tradeshow.

All memberships are $150 per year.  Each organization must first purchase a Regular membership, which affords voting rights, then each additional member should purchase an Associate membership.