We are pleased to provide you with links to other resources and parking associations .


Listserv run by Penn State University. This is a great resource for all parking professionals. There are several versions of the list for which you can signup. The regular list will generate several messages a day. The digest version will group all of the lists messages into one message on a regular basis.  


Parking Today

The goal of Parking Today is to bring information and resources on parking to the people of the industry. Parking Today provides constantly changing news reports on what is relevant to the parking community. For over 11 years Parking Today has provided the insight and information that the parking industry needs. Look at what is happening in parking, today 


Parking Network

Parking Network connects parking professionals worldwide and provides the latest developments in the parking industry. From daily updated news to product showcases, job vacancies, tenders, upcoming events, literature and 1700 companies indexed in the Yellow Pages for the parking industry worldwide. 



 International Parking Institute

The International Parking Institute's purpose is to provide leadership, education, technical resources and information to the parking profession and related fields. It is a trade organization founded in 1962 to represent the marketing, economical and political concerns of its members, made up of parking professionals found in virtually every area of corporate America. IPI's regular members include major transit authorities, airports, hospitals, universities, corporate complexes, shopping centers, state and federal government agencies, hospitals, convention and sports centers, theme parks, hotels, casinos and more! 

Campus Parking and Transportation Association

Since its organization in 1991, the former Midwest Campus Parking Association has grown to include members from across the U.S. Regardless of your campus population, parking situation, or location, someone in the CPTA works in a climate very similar to yours.
The mission of the Campus Parking and Transportation Association is to promote and represent the parking industry on the campuses of colleges and universities. The organization is committed to enhancing the professional image of parking and also serves as a unifying force in promoting state and local legislation through fostering partnerships with individuals.

California Public Parking Association

The California Public Parking Association has established the following organizational goals: To build and maintain a statewide organization of parking professionals. To foster mutual support among members and to promote and develop parking management as a profession. To inform and support members in dealing with and solving parking problems. To provide an understanding of parking principles, practices technologies and the interactions with transportation objectives through information sharing, education and training programs. To organize and act as a unifying force in the state of California to monitor, advocate and promote parking related legislation which will aid and benefit members in the performance of their jobs.