TPTA Distinguished Service Award

Each year, The Texas Parking & Transportation Association recognizes the contributions of individuals in our parking and transportation industry. TPTA is proud of those who have contributed to the education, professional development, creative solutions and standards of customer service in the parking and transportation industry. 

Call for 2017 Distinguished Service award nominations

TPTA is now accepting nominations for the 2017 Distinguished Service Award which recognizes parking professionals who have contributed to the education, professional development, creative solutions, and standards of customer service in the parking and transportation industry. 

Your nomination must include the items below and cannot be longer than 800 words.
Name of nominee; Title; Organization
Name of person nominating, Title, Organization

Please provide a statement (800 words or less) that entails the individual’s accomplishments and why they are deserving of the Distinguished Service Award. 

Criteria for selecting the Distinguished Service Award recipient include:
1.    Professional reputation
2.    Contribution to the parking industry/organization
3.    Creative solutions and innovations (include outcomes)
4.    Public Relations and Customer Service
5.    Peer Interaction

Please include items that will address the criteria in your nomination statement. 
Email all nominations to Mary Mabry: 

All nominations need to be submitted no later than 5:00 p.m. on March 1, 2017. 

Past Distinguished Award Winners

Chuck Reedstrom CAPP.JPG

2016 Distinguished Service Award

Chuck Reedstrom, CAPP, Senior Practice Builder, Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.

The Texas parking industry has a great number of professionals who strongly deserve the honor of being recognized for their distinguished service. To be nominated in such an elite group is an honor in itself.

It is with great pleasure that I nominate Charles “Chuck” Reedstrom, CAPP for the 2016 TPTA Distinguished Service Award. His thorough understanding of the parking industry coupled with his strong desire to serve the public is beneficial to the industry on a whole.

Chuck Reedstrom, CAPP is a nationally renowned technology focused parking planner with over 30 years of professional parking experience. Projects for which he has been responsible include the design and implementation of parking revenue control systems; ground transportation systems for controlling and tracking vehicles through hospitals, airports, large municipal building complexes; and municipal and campus parking guidance systems. Chuck has taken his extensive experience and become a leader, not only on a project level, but in the industry. He has been able to transition his project experience into planning mentorship, making his legacy second to none.
Mr. Reedstrom has served the parking industry in a variety of ways beyond his day to day responsibilities as a parking professional. Mr. Reedstrom is a founding member and currently serves on the IPI CAPP Accreditation Board. Under his tenure on the board, CAPP has evolved and adapted to meet the needs of the contemporary parking professional by offering distance and online learning and the course continues to attract the best and the brightest of the industry. Mr. Reedstrom has also served on the IPI Board of Directors, TPTA Board of Directors as well as numerous IPI Committees including the CAPP Scholarship Committee, Technology Committee, and chaired the Consultant Committee.

He has presented at numerous conferences including IPI, Florida Parking Association, Texas Parking Association, New England Parking Association, Parking Association of Georgia, Airport Council International – North America, the American Association of Airport Executives, and numerous TPTA Roundtables. His comprehensive article for IPI’s publication Parking 101: A Parking Primer remains a dependable source for technology information in the industry. 

In his past, Mr. Reedstrom is the former Vice-Chair of the City of Houston Public Parking Commission from September 2005 to 2010. Mr. Reedstrom has served the City of Houston in the following capacity:
• RFP development, procurement and implementation of a parking citation management system,
• RFP development and evaluation of delinquent collections vendors to improve the citation collection rate,
• Liaison between the Parking Commission and the Planning Commission
• Guidance in the development of the current Valet Parking Ordinance
• Guidance and presentation of Parking Management Annual Report to elected officials,
• Serving on committees aiming to improve City parking facilities and rewrite City Ordinances to improve the public parking regulations.

While the Parking Commission desired to have Mr. Reedstrom’s attention on a full-time basis – his position as Vice-Chair was strictly voluntary. 
As a member of the senior leadership team for the National Parking Practice of Kimley-Horn & Associates, Mr. Reedstrom serves clients across the nation including airports, municipalities and universities. 

We have qualified how Mr. Reedstrom serves his clients as well as his volunteer efforts to improve the City of Houston public parking. However, that is not the extent of his service in the parking industry.

His professional experience also includes the City of San Antonio where he was responsible for the review, analysis, and recommendation of a comprehensive revenue control system upgrade to incorporate all City-owned parking facilities including on-street meters. The new system incorporates cutting-edge technology to allow the City to remotely access all devices to determine accessibility and potential revenue by device and/or facility. The system also includes a facility management system to identify potential maintenance issues before they become critical and therefore dispatch appropriate maintenance personnel to correct the deficiencies. Finally, the system will also include the ability to publish parking availability by facility to alert patrons of available parking by location.

In Nashville, KY, Mr. Reedstrom served as project manager and assisted the airport in the design, drafting of specifications, procurement, and installation of a Ground Transportation Management System using AVI RF technology for the control and tracking of commercial vehicles throughout the airport system and to charge and collect transaction fees. This system included an automated taxi dispatch system that automatically called up the next taxis in line to the terminal for patron pickup through a dynamic message sign located at the taxi holding area.

As Project Manager for the Dallas Love Field Airport, Mr. Reedstrom was responsible for directing the design team to collect and evaluate traffic data on the terminal roadway and parking facilities and to design a ground transportation plan for implementation. This included the schematic design of a new multi-level parking structure of more than 4,000 spaces, a grade-separated interchange to enhance exit from roadway system, redesign the commercial vehicle curbside to enhance level of service, and develop and implement a taxi dispatch system and a Ground Transportation Management System. This project also included an analysis of current parking fee structure and financial analysis of the future parking system to determine the financial feasibility of constructing and operating an additional parking facility. This project included the integration of AVI technology, integrated into the local North Texas Toll Road Authority, for the Ground Transportation Management System and to provide the ability to charge parking fees through the AVI system. A new parking revenue control system was designed and installed included seven entry lanes and 15 exit lanes in a consolidated exit plaza serving two multi-level garages.

Additional clients include the Texas Children’s Hospital in Dallas; Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, George Bush International Airport in Houston, Midway Airport in Chicago, the City of Huntington Beach, CA., and the City of McKinney, TX.

Mr. Reedstrom has done much to move forward the parking industry and for this, he is worthy of the TPTA Distinguished Service Award. 

2015 distinguished service award

Jane Wilcox, Senior Facility Manager, SP+ Corporation

Jane has been a part of the Parking and Transportation industry for over 18 years and in addition to being the Webmaster and Event Planner for JW Consulting, she also serves as the Senior Facilities Manager for SP+. Her many years of experience paired with her groundbreaking skills have allowed her to excel and encourage others within the industry to improve consumer services. 

For the last 4 years, Jane has been involved with the planning and execution of the Texas Parking and Transportation Association (TPTA) conference. She has been essential in securing the Proclamation of Parking Professionals Week during the conference over the past two years. She has a significant role in every portion of the conference and is a vital piece when it comes to registration, conference details and all email exchanges. When Jane first took over the TPTA Website, it was through her tenacious spirit to not only provide information but to create a tool that our members and association could utilize easily. Her drive to create a Website that our association could be proud of was the crowning achievement and her current work demonstrates her skill and expertise. Without her demonstrated leadership and excellent oral communication skills to ensure that the conference is coordinated effortlessly, the conferences would not have proceeded as well as they have. She is the backbone of the conference and has been dubbed “Hercules of the TPTA Conference.” 

During Jane’s time with TPTA she utilized Cvent to coordinate the TPTA website through the Board of Directors. Thanks to Jane, the website is user friendly and manual processes have been automated. Jane is an individual who puts her heart and soul into TPTA. She seems to have boundless energy and devotes herself to her staff and to improving the reputation of the industry. Her detail- oriented receptivity to the industry growing around her has helped her not only advance, but master her innovative professional skills and longevity throughout her career. Jane does not have an “off-switch;” she is a self-motivated pioneer who has a rapid ability to develop, implement and provide desirable consumer affairs. In her contracted position as Communications Manager for TPTA, she has been able to successfully convert Newsletters into emails. To add on to her long list of achievements she has also earned the title of “TPTA IT Guru.”

And it is because of these reasons that we are delighted to present this nomination for Jane Wilcox to receive the Distinguished Service Award from the Texas Parking and Transportation Association
Jane Wilcox serves as a Senior Facility Manager at SP+. In her role, she manages 65 miles of toll roads for TxTAG in Austin, Texas providing courtesy patrol and toll service monitoring. She is also accountable for seeing that procedures are effective and efficient, assets are safeguarded, reliable financial data is maintained and applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures are in compliance. 

Jane coordinates with members of Xerox and TxDOT on a daily basis regarding contract compliance, unusual occurrences, customer service, statistical analysis of revenue and transactions, roadway usage and operational readiness.

Jane received her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from St. Edwards University, Austin, Texas. She graduated Summa Cum Laude and is included in Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities. 

2014 distinguished service award

Dr. Bob Harkins, Associate Vice-President, The University of Texas at Austin

Please accept this email as my official nomination of Dr. Robert Harkins for the TPTA Distinguished Service Award. I am making this nomination based upon the many contributions that Bob has provided to the TPTA, The University of Texas Parking and Transportation Department, and the parking industry in Texas in general. Bob has diligently served on the Board of the TPTA for over 13 years, including the role of President multiple times.  

Bob began on the Board in 2000. As far as other accomplishments not previously mentioned, was the fact that Bob stepped up and took on the role of President twice, due to resignations and people leaving. This was in response to the Conference locations and the need for local representation at the time. I think bottom line was his willingness to do whatever necessary to help grow the organization. Especially during a period of time when membership and participation were on the decline. He was also instrumental in bringing more of the transportation side of the industry into the organization.

Below is a complete bio for Dr. Harkins that outlines and details his vast amount of accomplishments that are too many to list here, which I believe further qualify him for this award.

Thank you for your consideration.

Colonel (Retired) Gerald Robert Harkins was born in Springfield Ohio in 1943.  He received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education in 1965 from Ohio State University.  He was commissioned through the U.S. Army R.O.T.C. program as an Infantry Lieutenant from Ohio State University (OSU).  At Ohio State University, Bob has a member of Bucket and Dipper, the University’s Junior Honorary Society and he was linked into the Senior Men’s Honorary Society, Sphinx, his senior year.  He was a Varsity “O” lettered winner in fencing and was Captain of the University Fencing Team his senior year.   Bob preformed duties as a resident hall counselor for 2 ½ years.  Additionally, he was the senior ranking R.O.T.C. cadet his final year at OSU.

During his career, Colonel (Ret.) Harkins was selected to serve in increasing positions of leadership and responsibility in combat and non-combat situations throughout the world. Harkins spent 2 years in Viet Nam with the 101st Airborne Division.  During one of the many battle he fought in, he commanded Company “A”, 3rd Battalion, 187th Airborne Infantry Regiment in May of 1969 during the assaults on Hill 937, Dong Ap Bia.  That battle became known as Hamburger Hill.   From 1975 to 1978 he was assigned as a Tactical Officer at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York.  

From 1983 to 1985, he commanded the 3rd Battalion 32 Infantry of the 7th Light Infantry Division for 25 months.  From 1986 to 1990, Colonel (Ret.) Harkins was responsible for the development of all individual and collective training products in the U.S. Army Infantry.  During the Gulf War, he was a Brigade Commander synchronizing the famous "End Run" during Desert Storm.  Colonel (Ret.) Harkins coordinated the multiple means of transportation (Air, Land and Sea) for more than 150,000 soldiers and almost 50,000 vehicles.  Colonel (Ret.) Harkins was awarded over 50 individual awards including two awards of the Silver Star for Valor and two Purple Hearts.

Colonel (Ret.) Harkins received a Master’s Degree from Auburn University and in 1998 he received his Doctoral Degree in Education from the University of Pittsburgh.  During his 27 year military career, he graduated from numerous military schools including the Army Command and General Staff College and the Army War College. 

Upon military retirement in 1993, Bob became the first Director of Parking and Transportation for the University of Pittsburgh.  In September 2000, he moved to The University of Texas at Austin as the Director of Parking and Transportation Services.  Both at Pitt and Texas, Bob built these organizations into national leaders in modern and innovative parking and transportation programs.  He represented both institutions in all parking and transportation matters within the local, state and federal communities.   He has been a regional leader in the establishment of innovative programs in alternative transportation.  These programs include a comprehensive mass transit system, car pools, van pools, bicycling, and pedestrian movement. 

In September 2005, Bob was promoted to Associate Vice President for Campus Safety and Security for The University of Texas at Austin. His responsibilities include supervision over The University of Texas Police Department, the Department of Environmental, Health and Safety, the Fire Preventions Service Department, the Office of Emergency Preparedness, and the Department of Parking and Transportation Services. The University of Texas programs for campus safety and security have been recognized nationally as among the best.  Bob’s initiatives include the development a comprehensive emergency planning system that focuses on preparation / mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. He has led the establishment of an emergency communications system, procedures, and emergency operations centers that are prepared to handle crisis situations for the campus of 53,000 students, 17,000 staff and faculty, and 3,000 visitors daily.

Bob and Dr. Susan C. (Koll) Harkins have been married 45 years. They have 2 sons. Both are graduates of West Point and now serve as Lieutenant Colonels in the U.S. Army.   Bob and Sue have 5 grandchildren.