We’re always thrilled to see TPTA members recognized for their successes and hard work! Check out this article from the August issue of The Parking Professional about the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Airport Courtesy Patrol Program.

The article titled “Airport Knights” (by Robert Peterson, DFW’s Assistant Manager of Parking Guest Operations), highlights the important work that this team does, focusing each day on creating the best experience possible for parkers at this major airport. To date, the program has helped over 48,000 Dallas travelers, with assistance including tire inflations, jump starts, and vehicle location. Most importantly though, this dedicated team plays a critical role in helping to make the sometimes stressful airport travel experiences as pleasant as possible.

This great program will be especially valuable - and much appreciated - during this busy holiday season!

DFW has been an active member of TPTA, and recently presented at our fall roundtable program. We love to see great news and success stories from our members! You can read the entire article here.