We’re excited to introduce our new TPTA Member Profile blog series! This feature will highlight Q&As with TPTA members offering their experience with the organization, including how it has impacted their careers and their organizations, and the value that TPTA membership provides. We’re kicking off this series with TPTA President Peter Lange. Peter is Associate Vice President of Transportation Services at Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.

Check it out below!

How long has your organization been a member of TPTA?

Texas A&M University Transportation Services has been a member of TPTA since the organization’s inception.

How did you learn about TPTA?

I attended my first TPTA conference in 2000, while still working at Georgia Tech. The conference was held in College Station. Little did I know then that I would later work at Texas A&M!

What value has your TPTA membership provided you for your career?

Peter Lange high resolution.jpg

It has provided a great opportunity for me to build peer relationships through networking, presenting together, and serving together. I’ve been able to learn about trends in the industry, apply lessons learned from others, and enhance my own professional knowledge base.

What value has your TPTA membership provided your institution?

The value of peer networking has been invaluable to our ability to gather valuable benchmarking data. Because we are part of a regional group of parking professionals, we can bring industry ideas and trends that are unique to Texas to our university leadership.

What would be your advice to those organizations who are not yet a TPTA member?

TPTA offers a unique, regional perspective on the industry. We are small enough to get to know others in the industry across a wide spectrum of parking operations. Our conferences are a place to grow peer friendships and take time to drill down into topics and we have a lot of fun! Sometimes the national conferences are too large to offer such opportunities.